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SOS to the rescue! From the moment we step foot in your home, you will encounter
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SOS Featured Services
Conventional Drain Cleaning
A twisting metal cable fed inside the sewer pipe and/or stormwater line. This cable rotates cutting grown roots, and helps release sludge and debris leaving the line clear.
Hydro Jet

Hydro Jet Service
Provides high pressure water jetting that effectively washes the remains in the drain line instead of pushing it more into the pipes and completely removes remains from your line, decreasing the chances of future blockage by bringing your line back near original capacity.

Commercial Jetter - High Pressure Water Jetting Unit
Cleans sewer, drain and pipe lines from 2 inch to 24 inch diameter.
Root X Treatment Service
Annual treatment where chemically treatment is provided to prevent roots from growing in your drain pipes.

Roots infiltration before RootX application.


12 weeks
after application.

9 months after

In-Line Camera
A live visual camera that inspects your drain line, to help pinpoint exactly what is occurring in your drain and problem areas.

(Video taping available upon request)

Electronic Leak Detection
An electronic machine that helps to pinpoint leaks in piping whether it is in your wall, underground or even concrete slabs.
Copper Repiping
Copper repiping replaces your old original pipes. Your original pipes are soft and subject to erosion, which results in pin holes leaks. These leaks can easily go undetected, hidden within walls or flooring. The result is mold and an environment that encourages
termite and other infestations.
Water Heaters
SOS Plumbing carries and repairs all brand types of water heaters. Natural gas, propapne/LPgas, electric, solar and tankless. Below are the different brands that we carry.
Water Heaters: We install AO Smith & Bradford Gas Water Heaters.

Backflow Preventers
SOS Plumbing can repair or replace any backflow prevention system.

Plumbing Fixtures
SOS Plumbing carries All brands of plumbing fixtures which encludes kitchen sinks, laboratory sinks, tubs, toilets, bidets, faucets, ects.

SOS Plumbing carries All brands of faucets such as kitchen sink faucets, bar sink faucets, laboratory sink faucets, tub faucets, shower faucets, tub faucets, shower faucets, bidet faucets, etc.
Garbage Disposal & Instant Hots
SOS Plumbing carries All types of professional grade garbage disposals and hot water dispensers.



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